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From paddock to pantry

Our Aussie farmers ensure every bottle of Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of the highest quality for every Aussie household


In our own backyard

Red Island is a community of olive groves across Australia who are passionate about producing incredible Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With the rich, red earth and warm, sunny climate much like the olive's native mediterranean home, our olives flourish here. 

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Caring for and timing is everything

Throughout the year our olive trees are well looked after and kept happy and healthy. They're well looked after; maintained, nourished, watered, pruned, and frost protected. We harvest only at peak ripeness when everything is just right - typically between mid-April and mid-June. All of this care pays off when we produce fresh, healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

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Squeezing out the goodness

Getting that wonderful oil from every fresh olive is as simple as washing, crushing, and blending them. The olives are then cold pressed to break up the goodness inside.

Harvester Chris

Bottled and delivered fresh

Our oil is bottled in our bottling and packaging plant in Lara, Victoria. We do it under strict quality assurance to guarantee customer satisfaction. From there, it's ready to go to homes all across Australia. 

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Savour the flavour

Once bottled, Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ready for every kitchen and household. Our versatile EVOO is perfect to use in your cooking, baking, frying, dressings and barbequing. Healthy and tasty come together in all-Australian Red Island EVOO. 

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