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Our Oil

Made in Australia, for Australia

Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural. Every drop comes from the freshest, top quality olives picked in Australia. They are then cold pressed without any heat or chemicals for the freshest flavour, locking in the antioxidants.

What’s in our oil?

100% the juice of fresh Aussie olives! EVOO is a natural source of healthy monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants such as biophenols and vitamin E.


Can you cook with EVOO??

YES! You can and absolutely should be cooking with extra virgin olive oil. Research suggests that smoke point does not indicate the stability of an oil when heated, making EVOO a great choice for your everyday cooking.


How do you choose a good EVOO?

Choose locally grown Australian EVOO to get the freshest oil. The oil must be clearly labelled as extra virgin olive oil. Look for harvest year on packaging. Use your EVOO within 3 months of opening. These elements are key to choosing a high quality, fresh extra virgin olive oil.


Red Island is AOA certified

The Australian Olives Association (AOA) is the industry body representing olive growers. The AOA is responsible for setting & maintaining quality standards and certifies our oil as extra virgin. To ensure you’re buying the highest quality Australian EVOO, make sure it is AOA certified.

Our Process

Picked, Pressed & Packed


Our olives are picked from groves in Australia

Other Oils

Refined vegetable oils are often not made from vegetables, but instead a blend of canola, seed, nuts & fruits.


After our olives are picked, they are sent to the mill. This is where they are sorted, washed, and cold-pressed into EVOO. This process helps to lock in freshness and retain antioxidants.

Other Oils

Refined vegetable oils often go through processes such as neutralising, deodorising & chemically refining just to make them fit for human consumption!


Once our olives are picked and pressed, our EVOO is bottled right here in Victoria, then sent out nationwide and delivered to your pantry. From there, it’s over to you. Cook your steak, fry your chips, drizzle it over your salads or use it in your baking – the choice is yours!

Other Oils

Oils made overseas often spend long periods of time in transit to Australia, meaning their food miles are higher


Distribution across the country in leading retailers. Woolworths, Coles, IGA & selected Independent Supermarkets

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