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Our farmers' love of a top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in every bottle.


100% juice of fresh olives

A bottle of Red Island Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% natural. Every drop inside comes from the freshest, top quality olives grown on Australian groves by Australian farmers. For the best and freshest flavour, we cold press without using any heat chemicals.

Not only does our Extra Virgin Olive Oil taste better and fresher this way, it's healthier too, ensuring it retains more helpful antioxidants and healthy unsaturated fats.

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Adding EVOO to your diet

  • Anti-inflammatory - EVOO contains several components that can slow down inflammation, including oleocanthal (unique to EVOO) which has a similar affect to ibuprofen.
  • Heart health - EVOO contains a unique combination of mono-unsaturated fats (i.e. oleic acid) and antioxidants which have been proven to increase 'good' cholesterol, reduce 'bad' cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.
  • Anti-ageing - EVOO contains high levels of polyphenols, vitamin E, squalene and other antioxidants. These work together to offset free radicals and help counter the effects of cell ageing.
  • Weight control - The Mediterranean dietary pattern, which includes EVOO as the dominant oil, has been associated with a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and reduced levels of obesity.

How do you choose a good EVOO

  1. Choose locally grown Australian EVOO
  2. Ensure it is labelled with "Extra Virgin"
  3. Check your oil is certified by the Australian Olive Association (AOA).
  4. Look for the harvest date on the front/side of pack to ensure you are buying freshest/heathiest oil
  5. Once opened use within 4-6 weeks. Like wine, once the air gets to the oil, the process of oxidation take place.

Red Island is Australian Extra Virgin Certified

The AOA is responsible for setting and maintaining quality standards for Australian products which is achieved by growers joining the Australian Code of Practice (COP), which complies with the Australian Standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AS5264-2011)

Look for this symbol on your Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle label to ensure you are buying the real deal!

Aoa Cert Symbol Trans

But can you cook with it?

Yes, you absolutely can cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin is the highest grade of olive oil. We truly love it, and use it on absolutely everything. From frying an egg, to barbequing a steak, dressing a salad or even baking a cake. Red Island is conveniently available in a range of packs and sizes, to suit your every need.

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